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Directions to the Boston Office
50 Staniford Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA  02114
(617) 523-2280

Take I-93 North toward Boston

Take Exit 26 (North Station/Fleet Center/Storrow Drive).  The exit branches right for Storrow Drive and left for North Station/Fleet Center/Lomasney Way.  You can get to our office by either choice as outlined below.

From Storrow Drive, take a left lane exit for Government Center.  Go around the rotary (traffic lights) and continue up Cambridge Street.  Take a left onto Staniford Street.  We are halfway down Staniford, #50, on the left, a ten story, white concrete and glass building.  Parking is available in the basement of the building (VERY expensive) or on the street or continue down Staniford, take a left onto Lomasney and the Garden Garage is on the left.

OR From the Fleet Center/North Station Ramp, you will come out onto Lomasney Way.  Just after the first traffic light, you can park in the Garden Garage on the right or continue to the next set of lights and take a right onto Staniford Street.  Park in the basement of our building (VERY expensive) or on the street.


Metered parking may be available along the street
Covered parking is under the building
Additional parking is available on Lomasney Way , continue down Staniford Street.  Turn left on Lomasney Way (under the elevated tracks) the parking garage is on the left).  Note: You may walk through this garage (on ground and lower level).  It connects with the our building's garage.



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