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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a qualified Ocularist?
An individual skilled in the arts of fabricating, fitting, shaping and painting ocular prostheses.  In addition to creating your prosthesis, the ocularist will show you how to handle and care for it.  He will also see to its long-term care through periodic examinations.

Are there classified levels in Ocularistry?
Anyone can fit a stock or custom made artificial eye and call themselves an ocularist.  It is, therefore, advisable to first check their ASO and NEBO credentials, although several states do have licensure:

BADO: Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist
Completed the ASO Apprentice or Associate requirements and received their diploma
BCO: Board Certified Ocularist
Certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists)

Membership in the American Society of Ocularists also includes:

  • ASC: Associate member enrolled in the ASO programs.
  • DPL: Diplomate who has completed Apprentice or Associate requirements and graduated from the ASO education program.
  • AFF: Affiliate is an ASO member not principally engaged as an ocularist (optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist).

What is the Ocularist Apprenticeship Program?
The ocularist apprentice must study all aspects of ocular prosthetics and spend five years (10,000 hours) in practical training.  He must also successfully complete 750 credits of related study courses offered by the Education Program of the ASO.

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the title, Diplomate of the American Society of Ocularists, is awarded.

In addition to apprentice members and diplomate members, the ASO also includes medical affiliate members. These are supporting ophthalmologists who act as consultants.

Today, the ASO has a sizable membership in this country as well as a number of foreign countries.






















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