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Removal of Ocular Prosthesis from the Eye Socket
(Instructions for Caregiver to the Patient)

Listed below are two methods that can be used to remove the ocular prosthesis from the eye socket.  Before handling the prosthesis, we would recommend the following procedure for hygiene care.

Cleansing of Hands & Patient’s Eyelids and Eyelashes:

As a caregiver, you are aware that bacteria on the hands can cause conjunctivitis to the orbital tissues.  We would recommend using a 'no more tears' baby shampoo for a thorough hand scrub with emphasis on the fingertips.  This shampoo destroys bacteria and it has a neutral pH, so when you apply the shampoo on a warm wet face cloth to cleanse the patient’s eyelids and eyelashes, there will be no smarting of the conjunctival tissues.  Any secretion on the prosthetic surface could then be wiped off with a tissue.

Method 1 – Removal with Suction Cup:

Step 1.  Have the patient look upward and at the same time pull the lower eyelid downward.  If the patient is not cooperative, you will have to pull the lids apart with the thumb and forefinger.

Step 2.  Moisten the open end of the suction cup with water and squeeze it halfway up the barrel with your thumb and index finger.

Step 3.  Press the suction cup flush against the front surface of the prosthesis, on or below the iris color.  Release the squeezing action and you have contact to the prosthesis.  The suction cup is then held lightly (so not to break the suction) while swiftly pulling the prosthesis forward past the lower lid and away from the cavity.

Method 2 – Removal with Fingers:

Step 1.  Have the patient look upward, and at the same time place your index finger in the middle of the lower eyelid and lashes.

Step 2.  Pull the lower eyelid downward until the edge of the prosthesis is visible.

Step 3.  Apply inward pressure (almost a gouging action).  Continue this finger pressure while sliding the finger toward the temple.  The prosthesis should begin to slip out of the cavity.

Step 4.  Be prepared to catch the prosthesis with the opposite hand.

Never place the prosthesis in alcohol or other harsh chemical substance, this can damage the plastic surface and cause irritation to the conjunctival tissue.
The prosthesis must always be cleansed immediately after it is removed.  This is to prevent further drying of tears and/or secretion on its surface.  Once the prosthesis is removed, use the facecloth with the 'no more tears' baby shampoo and rub it briskly.  This should remove most or all of the accumulated protein deposits from the prosthetic surface.




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