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Abstract: Chapter 2 - Role of the Ocularist,
Enucleation, Evisceration and Exenteration of the Eye

Raymond C. Jahrling, B.C.O., F.A.S.O.


EXCERPT: "The role of the ocularist is not generally known beyond the medical profession, except to those who have need of ocular prosthetic services.  The ocularist's role often is not fully understood even within the specialty of ophthalmology.  This chapter aims to make the ocularist's many contributions more clearly understood and therefore more useful to ophthalmologists.

"Ocularistry developed as a profession at the same time as what could be considered the emerging specialty of oculoplastic surgery, beginning with eye surgeon P. H. Mule's (1884) realization that his service for the patient should not stop at simply performing an evisceration...

EXCERPT: "The role of the artificial eye maker, who once served only as an ancillary provider of stock and custom glass eyes, has expanded significantly...

EXCERPT: "There is more to the ocularist's duties than the technical and artistic craft of fabricating and fitting the physical ocular prosthetic device.  Humanizing the contact between ocularist and patient through verbal communication may not be offered for credit in education institutions, but is does prove beneficial.  The ocularist, who spends a considerable number of hours one-on-one with the patient during the various stages of preparation, fabrication, and fitting of the prosthesis, can serve as both rehabilitator and counselor...


Published 1999 by Butterworth-Heinemann,
225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA  01801-2041
ISBN 0-7506-9495-5

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