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Normal Size Symmetrically Aligned Blind Eye

Whenever there is symmetrical alignment of the catoptric image (light reflex) and the dysfunctional globe's cornea and/or iris is the only disfigurement, there is no need to duplicate any other portion of the eye (namely, the sclera and conjunctival tissue with its vascular pattern).

This case presents a rare congenital (dermoid cornea) anomaly, but it would be handled the same as an acquired condition where the cornea was scarred or disfigured.

Figure 7A The external appearance of the left eye was normal with exception of the dermoid (insensitive) cornea. The sclera conjunctiva was white and quiet and was the same as the fellow eye. It is also noted that the catoptric image (light reflex) for pupil center was also in alignment with the sighted eye.

Figure 7B All that was required to restore semblance of facial symmetry was to utilize the flush fitting Phase I trial shell with an embedded hand painted brown iris of equal diameter.

Figure 7C Since the cornea has no sensitivity this patient is able to wear the cover shell at bedtime, but will remove it daily for hygiene care, and will return to the ocularist on a periodic basis to have it checked and reglazed.



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