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Welcome Retinal Specialists

On this extension site, I would like to make reference to the retinal surgeon specialist, since it has been within the past half century that your subspecialty in ophthalmology was the precipitant for a subspecialty in ocularistry, namely, the development of the scleral ocular prosthesis.

Modern day retinal surgery for detachments caused by trauma and diabetic retinopathy is another facet of ophthalmology where the need for a special type of artificial eye came into demand.  This was the impression moulded plastic scleral shell type ocular prosthesis.  Of course, successful eye surgery would have no need for this type of service, but, for those individuals where the eye became blind, scarred, disfigured and/or phthisical, it soon became a favorable option over enucleation or evisceration.  This was especially true once ultrasonic equipment was available as a diagnostic aid to detect orbital tumors in a globe.  Where, in the past if visual (ophthalmoscopy) examination was restricted due to opacities of the ocular media, enucleation was recommended.

Once all avenues for regaining vision have been exhausted, and the option is to retain the disfigured eye, attention is directed toward the patient's rehabilitation and a return to a normal appearance.  At this juncture, the positive aspects to this choice can be brought to light.  First and foremost, we (ocularists) find quite important to most patients with this predicament, is, they are not losing a facial body part.  Because of this, there is no further disturbance of the orbital contents, especially, the intra and extraorbital muscles and the surrounding adipose tissue.  As for resultant secondary conditions caused by phthisis that effect the external adnexa, such as, pseudosulcus depression, upper lid pseudoptostis, prolapse of the lower eyelid, and entropion or ectropion, the ocularist finds most of these faults can be remedied with a proper flush fitting scleral ocular prosthesis.

We are looking forward to working with you in caring for your referred patients.



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