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A large amount of ocular prosthetic information is presented on this site.  It is our hope that you find this data useful and easily accessible.  After reviewing this page, if you still need additional help or if you have a question, suggestion or comment, please contact us.

Each prosthetic topic is presented in its own page.  Some topics are presented in multiple pages when it is appropriate.  Clicking on the right arrow at the bottom of these pages will display the next page of information.  Related topics and links to likely actions are usually listed at the bottom of each page.

Topics are organized into sections accessible from the vertical ( Black on White ) menu on the right.  The following is a "Table of Contents" to pages on this site.  This may be a quick way for you to locate what you need.

Alternatively, the topics are arranged by the interest of different visitors.  Each group of visitors is greeted by its own page where topics specific to their needs are presented.  These pages are accessed by clicking on the horizontal  Links  across the top.

Helpful Hints

Links are (usually) shown as black underlined text.  Other links are shown as graphics.  When the cursor (pointer) is placed over it, the link will turn black with a pink background.  Also, the cursor will change from "an arrow" to "a hand."  Some links have additional information which appears when the cursor rests over it for a couple of seconds.


Visitors Greeting Page

Welcome Patients
A welcome is extended to all (Prospective and Current) patients from this page.  They, or you will be directed to particular topics of interest such as:  Pediatric, Geriatric and Scleral Cover Shell prostheses.
Welcome Parents of Young Patients
This welcome page is for parents, guardians and caregivers of young patients.  Topics accessed from here address concerns that parents may have regarding their young child.
Welcome Ophthalmologists and Oculoplastic Surgeons
This is for all ophthalmic medical professionals.  We welcome and describe how we, as ocularists, and this web site may be of service.
Welcome Retinal Specialists
A welcome is extended to doctors who specialize in retinal, vitreous, ocular diseases and diabetic retinopathy.  On this site we describe our subspecialty in scleral cover shell prostheses for patients who were not fortunate to regain their eyesight, and have preferred to retain their dysfunctional globe.
Welcome Fellow Ocularists
This is an ocularist-to-ocularist page where we greet our fellow ocularists.  Please join us in making this page a useful part of your professional resources.

Table of Contents (Section Description)

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The current page you are viewing.
About Us (Jahrling Ocular Prosthetic, Inc.)
Find out more about who we are and our services.
A Brief History of Ocular Prostheses
Interesting information on the history of ocular prostheses from Egyptian times to modern days America.
Custom Fitting Procedures & Care Instructions
Detailed information on the process of fitting impression moulded conventional and scleral ocular prostheses, as well as instructions for their insertion, removal, and hygiene care.
Patient Results (with Photos)
This section will show sample photos of patients with descriptive diagnosis, and procedure followed to obtain these results.
Travel Directions to Our Offices
Driving directions, hotel accommodation, and other related information on transportation to our offices.
Contact Information & Office Directory
Directory listing, office hours and access to forms for various requests and questions.
Letters From Other Prostheses Wearers
Stories from fellow prostheses wearers.  (This is not available at this time.)
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to a comprehensive list of questions about ocular prostheses.
Glossary of Related Terminology
A useful list of terminology and their explanations.
List of Our Publications
A listing of professional publications authored by us.
Links to Other Useful Web Sites
A collection of links to web sites containing related topics and references.
For specific information, try this search function.  For a quicker search, try entering the search criteria under "Quick Search:" and click on (or press the Enter Key).




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