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As parents ourselves, we can understand the emotions and the questions you may have being a parent of a child who has lost an eye or was born with an eye condition requiring a prosthesis.  This page is designed to provide you with specific answers regarding pediatric ocular prosthetic issues.  Joyce, our resident Pediatric Ocularist, has the most professional experience (over 25 years) in fabricating and fitting ocular prostheses for infants and children.  However, since this is a team effort, Eric and Kurt add their expertise with the procedure by participating in the preliminary impression mould taking in the laboratory or at the hospital out-patient facilities, and contribute with the iris color duplication.

The following are issues unique to pediatric ocular prostheses, please spend a few moments to review the information which is important to your child's condition.  In addition, we have obtained permission to reprint Hints for Parents as published in the VIP Newsletter from Blind Children's Fund.  You may also find My Fake Eye - The Story of My Prosthesis a valuable pictorial book for talking to your youngster about his or her condition.  It is published by the Institute for Families of Blind Children and is available from their web site.

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

A complete list of all frequently asked questions about ocular prostheses may be found in our FAQ index.  As always, if you need a specific questions answered, please ask Joyce or any of our staff ocularists.

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